Write Better, Faster is now in audio!

WBFACXMLI am so happy that my team and our lovely narrator Cindy Pillar have put this audiobook together for you guys. In the past year, I have enjoyed learning via audiobook mainly for its convenience over ebooks—just click play while on-the-go, while driving, while cleaning your house, or even while doing a boring, mindless task at your desk!

Here’s a clip of the book:

I’m really proud of what we’ve created and I hope you enjoy it and find it useful too. If you want to listen to Write Better, Faster, or if you’ve already read it and just want to refresh yourself on the ideas in it, head on over to retailers and grab your audiobook copy:

Amazon: http://proseonfire.com/writefasteraudio
iTunes: http://proseonfire.com/writefasteraudioitunes
Audible: http://proseonfire.com/writefasteraudioaudible

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