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* Sell Your Print Books Wide (A Book Bundle)




This is the ebook version of 7 books from the Book Sales Supercharged series that are specifically related to getting your book selling in print both at the usual places and beyond.

How It Works: Although many of the books in the series are currently in pre-order, you will be charged immediately for the bundle and will receive each book on its release date via email (distributed via Bookfunnel).

I don’t have exact dates planned for each book in this series at this time. I expect the first sixteen books of the series (which includes these seven) to be released before March 2022, but I’m not sure how quickly they will be released. I expect them to be released unevenly as well, with a gap of a couple months then 2-3 in short succession.

I also don’t expect the books to become available in order necessarily; the books are numbered mostly because retailers prefer that, but I’ll likely be releasing the books as completed.

The tentative/estimated release schedule is as follows:

  • Get Your Book Selling WideMay 14, 2021
  • Get Your Book Selling on Amazon – TBA but by March 2022
  • Get Your Book Selling in Print – TBA but by March 2022
  • Get Your Book Selling on Barnes and Noble – TBA but by March 2022
  • Get Your Book Selling on Kickstarter – TBA but by March 2022
  • Get Your Book Selling at Events – TBA but by March 2022
  • Get Your Book Selling on Your Website – TBA but by March 2022

Offer: 7 books in the Book Sales Supercharged series in ebook/digital format (delivered via Bookfunnel). Using BookFunnel, you can easily access this book on any major ebook reader including Kindle, Apple Books, Google Books, Nook, and Kobo.

Delivery: All ebooks will be delivered via Bookfunnel.

Terms: All sales are final. If one of the books is not or cannot be delivered, you will receive a refund of $7.83 ($47/6) per book not delivered. (If you order at a discount, the math is based on what you paid.)



Descriptions of Each Book

Get Your Book Selling Wide (free on retailers where possible; price-matched everywhere else)

  • What selling wide means for ebooks, print books, audiobooks, translations, and subsidiary rights
  • How to choose between Kindle Unlimited (Amazon’s exclusivity program) and going wide on all the major retailers
  • The five main strategies for going wide and how authors decide:
    • Starting Wide
    • Moving Wide Cold Turkey
    • Partial Catalog Wide
    • Exclusive, Then Wide
    • Wide, Then Exclusive
  • All the places you can go wide and the benefits and downsides of each
  • The general strategies authors use to make money while having their books wide (and why they work or don’t work on various platforms)

Get Your Book Selling in Print (co-authored by Russell P. Nohelty)

  • Why getting your book into a variety of print formats—from paperback, to large print, to hardcover special editions—matters for sales
  • How to sell your book in unconventional places, like libraries, schools, bookstores, specialty stores, and more
  • An overview of selling your book through signings and speaking opportunities
  • Getting your book selling with the help of crowdfunding, specifically Kickstarter
  • Selling print books through your website—what works, what doesn’t

Get Your Book Selling on Amazon

  • The publishing advice you hear everywhere that does not work as well for wide authors (5 things NOT to do)
  • The crux on non-KU visibility on Amazon and what CAN work in your favor for visibility
  • Which authors you should be targeting (KU, wide, traditionally published?) and what your book needs to hit well with each group
  • When to pre-order, when to rapid release, and when to skip it
  • How your book descriptions, ad copy, and more might need to change if you are coming out of KU and going wide
  • The Amazon ads strategies you need to keep your sales stronger and more consistent on the platform (5 things to do to keep other authors from killing your visibility)

Get Your Book Selling on Barnes and Noble

  • Barnes and Noble’s current business strategy for 2021 and how you can make it work in your favor for ebook, print, and audiobook
  • How to get the promotions tab at Barnes and Noble plus specific uses of it that work
  • Important metadata changes that help feed Barnes and Noble’s visibility algorithms
  • How to optimize Barnes and Noble’s underutilized print-on-demand arm and the specific settings that help you get into stores more easily
  • What is likely coming at Barnes and Noble based on publicly available data and how independent authors might utilize that information for visibility

Get Your Book Selling on Kickstarter (co-authored by Russell P. Nohelty)

  • Why using crowdfunding is an important avenue for authors and how authors are currently using it
  • Choosing the right project for Kickstarter and designing your campaign
  • Budgeting your campaign for profitability (and why it’s critical for your success!)
  • The types of messages you should send to your audience vs. cold traffic
  • How to run ads to your Kickstarter project
  • Delivering your rewards for your Kickstarter project
  • Keeping momentum going after Kickstarter

Get Your Book Selling at Events (co-authored by Russell P. Nohelty)

  • How to actually make money back from live events when you factor in tickets, travel, accommodations, table, product production and shipping, and more
  • The exact setup for a conference table that sells
  • What else you need to bring to a conference in order to keep your energy up for the duration
  • What you need to say to make book sales at your table
  • Some really smart things you can do before and after the conference to maximize momentum and profits

Get Your Book Selling on Your Website

  • The advantages of selling direct through your website
  • Seller accounts, dropshipping, fulfillment, and more
  • The pains involved (setup, tech, taxes, shipping, transactional emails, etc.) and whether they are worth it or not for your business
  • How to get your readers to buy direct from you
  • Ways to find new readers for your books
  • What else you should be selling if you are selling direct

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the books for?

Beginners, KU authors, anyone curious but not published wide yet – If you’ve never published your books wide, these books will help you get set up for marketing success! That said, the books do not go into great detail or hand-holding around the technical step-by-step of how to get a book on any of these retailers. I recommend the books + a community Facebook group called Wide For the Win. Wide For the Win has a Tree of Knowledge that answers a lot of the basic questions to get you started.

Intermediate to Advanced authors – If you’ve done well in ebook but haven’t paid much attention to print.

Expert authors – If you have a great handle on selling print books through various means, then you likely know somewhere around 60-90% of what we’re sharing in these books. It’s up to you if you think the topics would be useful to you.

Who is Russell P. Nohelty?

Russell is a co-author on several books in the Book Sales Supercharged series and a USA TODAY bestselling author of science fiction and fantasy books that are both entertaining and thought-provoking.

He is also the creator of The Complete Creative and has sold a TON of print books through live conference events, Kickstarter campaigns, and bundling. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about book marketing, selling books widely, and building an audience—among other things. He also produces and writes comic books and has lots of ideas about how novelists should be working and selling books in more visual mediums. He’s the perfect co-author for this series because he has an expansive wide mindset, the numbers to back up his knowledge, and he is always experimenting smartly to find new readers.

Russell was born in northern New Jersey, grew up in Northern Virginia, went to college in Maryland, and now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and dogs, which he loves.

How do pre-orders work through your website?

While I have attached a delivery date to each of these pre-orders, the dates are a rough estimate and subject to change. If I get a book done early I send it out then, and if it’s late I try to provide an update and a new expected date.

Your card is charged immediately upon purchase through my website and the books will be delivered one at a time around their estimated delivery date through Bookfunnel, which is an app that helps you get books you download onto your ideal reading device easily.

If for some reason I have to cancel a book or push out the release date beyond a year of purchase, I will offer and/or you can request a refund for that book via The refund per book is $47/6 books which is $7.83 USD. (If you order at a discount, the math is based on what you paid.)



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