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Get Your Book Selling Wide (Ebook Edition)


This listing is for the ebook version of Get Your Book Selling Wide: Get the Basics of Publishing in Print, Ebook, Audiobook, Translations, Apps, and More (Book Sales Supercharged #1).

Release date: May 14, 2021.


Learn what selling wide means for ebooks, print books, audiobooks, translations, and subsidiary rights.


In this book, you’ll find:

— The five main strategies for going wide and how authors decide: Starting Wide, Moving Wide Cold Turkey, Partial Catalog Wide, Exclusive, Then Wide, and Wide, Then Exclusive

— All the places you can go wide across multiple formats—print, ebook, audiobook, and more—and the benefits and downsides of each

— The general strategies authors use to make money while having their books wide (and why they work or don’t work on various platforms)


This book also covers the book industry as a whole from the perspective of an independent author. It answers questions like:

— What are the market factors that matter amongst some of the biggest players in the industry—Amazon, Google, Apple, Rakuten (Kobo), and more?

— What devices are important to pay attention to and how do those affect the ebook, print, and audiobook markets?

— How does global ecommerce play a role in shaping the future of the book industry?

This book is meant to be a detailed overview of what going wide really means as an independent career author.  Subsequent books in this series dive deeper into various platforms and how to better market your books on them.



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