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Want to launch your next book?

Build Your Book Launch Plan is a four-module online self-study course, consisting of ten lessons, covering all the skills and techniques you need to turn your next book launch into a success. It’s ideal for intermediate and advanced authors who make less than $2500/month from their book catalog.

This is the digital online self-study version of the Build Your Book Launch Plan course. It is delivered through the Teachable platform and you have lifetime access to the content. You will receive all updates to the course content. Should we move platforms or discontinue course sales and maintenance, we will distribute all the files to you for download via Dropbox.




LESSON 1: Book Launch Must-Haves

In Lesson 1 we’ll cover the basics of your book launch, including everything you need to have in tip-top shape before you think about investing money into a book launch (including the answer to what “Write a Great Book!” actually means). I’ll also share how you can package your book so that the marketing works in your favor (rather than wasting effort, time, and money).

LESSON 2: Messaging to Sell Your Book

In Lesson 2 we’ll cover how to write descriptions, teasers, emails, and advertising copy for your book launch. I go over the six steps to copywriting for book marketing for both nonfiction and fiction books. I also explain how you can keep marketing your book by switching up the copy (and why you should!)

LESSON 3: Making Launch Decisions

Lesson 3 focuses on the most common launch decisions plaguing authors based on the current market and state of the industry. I share the pros and cons of various approaches to book launches and why only you can make decisions about your launch. (Hint: There are no right answers, only what works for you!)


LESSON 4: Leveraging Your Current Marketing Assets

In Lesson 4 we hit on the first B—Belongs to You—and talk about your current assets across your product catalog and marketing materials. We take an inventory of all the ways in which you can use these assets to support your book launch.

LESSON 5: Building Marketing Assets For and During Launch

Lesson 5 goes deep into the second B—Build—and explores how you build new assets ahead of your launch. We also talk about the important ways in which you can use your launch to build your current assets. And finally, I give you 7 different categories to inventory to find support for your book launch from building your assets.

LESSON 6: Borrowing Marketing Assets For Launch

Lesson 6 focuses on the third B—Borrow—and goes over how you can borrow assets that you don’t own to help increase visibility for your book during launch. There are four major categories within which you can find assets to borrow during launch.

LESSON 7: Buying Visibility and Traffic For Launch

In Lesson 7 we talk about the fourth B—Buy— and what you need to consider before you buy traffic and visibility for your book launch. We go over the important pieces around target audiences, copy, and visuals and how to test them. I also share the best sites for buying advertising based on personal experience.

LESSON 8: Creating Buzz For Launch

In Lesson 8 I share the fifth B—Buzz—and how you can create buzz for your business and book ahead of launch. We talk about how you can reach your Fans, True Fans, and Evangelists using assets from your current book, along with running viral promotions or live events to find new readers.


LESSON 9: Timing Your Launch

Lesson 9 dives deep into the heart of your launch plan with the 5Bx3 strategy. I talk about Launch, Crescendo, and Blanket days and how to decide which days your launch lands on. I also share what you can and should set up for each day so that you are well-prepared for your launch.

Lesson 10: Keeping Momentum For the First Month

In Lesson 10 we talk about how you can keep sales momentum for your book going after launch. You don’t want to see a sales spike then have no plan afterward! I share the 6 critical ways to keep book sales going, plus the correct order in which to do them in.

LESSON 11: Keeping Momentum For the First Year

Lesson 11 is all about 5 additional ways you can keep momentum going for your book for the first 12 months after launch. The typical advice here is to write the next book, but there’s so much more you can do to keep the current book going, too.


Lesson 12: Putting it All Together

In Lesson 12 we review the entire course and handle any remaining objections to launching your book. Don’t fall into these mindset traps which will keep your book launch from taking off in the way that it was meant to!


How is the course delivered?

The course consists of twelve lessons spread across four modules. You’ll get access to the lessons immediately. Each lesson consists of a video and may also have an assignment and/or workbook(s) to complete. Each lesson should take 1-2 hours at most.

What are the lessons like?

Each lesson consists of a video and/or an assignment. I use a three step process in my teaching. I share the information, offer an example, and then give you an exercise, assignment, or workbook. As you work through the videos, you’ll be creating your first draft.

Will you help me market my work?

Please ask your questions in the Facebook group, where I’m happy to help! For one-on-one guidance from me around book launches, please check out our mentorship program.

I’ve launched a bunch of books already. Will this course help me?

This course is ideal for authors making less than $2500/month from their books. If you are making more than this, you’ll likely want to check out some of our more advanced courses and programs.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

This program is no quit, no refund from the moment you sign up, so make sure you are committed before doing so! To repeat: We don’t offer refunds. By signing up for this program, you are fully committed to both the content and whatever payment plan you choose. You are responsible for all payments under the payment plan you’ve chosen regardless of whether you use the material or remain in the program.


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