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The Book and Business Coaching Series

If you are a female entrepreneur with an online business, you know that writing a book will help you stand out from the crowd. Authors receive more accolades, interviews, clients, speaking gigs, business opportunities, referrals, and more. And writing your book can clarify your message, help more people, and kick your coaching business into high gear!

Whether you are trying to go the traditional publishing route or considering independently publishing through your own sole proprietorship or company, this series will help you make smart business decisions, structure your book, tell your personal story in a compelling way, take your current content (social media posts, video posts and live streams, blog posts, group programs, one-on-one coaching, workshops, and more) and turn it into a first draft of a book, launch onto a bestseller list, and so much more.

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The Productive Novelist Series

For unpublished novelists or authors trying to up their game who want to write and make a career from fiction, The Productive Novelist series takes you step-by-step through writing really good novels and learning the ins and outs of the business. It’s ideal for authors who want to go either traditional or independent (we cover both!) and who are interested in getting their story right from the start.

In this series, the focus is on hard work, productivity, and what actually works. You’ll learn how to plan a novel, get your story in alignment, write faster and improve your writing habits, edit your book for marketability so you can more easily sell it, write a book proposal or independently publish (depending on your chosen path), launch your book smartly, keep your book selling, think long-term about your author career and author business, and so much more!

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The Growth Hacking For Storytellers Series

If you want to see how my work began, read my personal story and what I learned, and experience my experiments in growth hacking books and online business, this series is the one for you.

The series is a little less polished and a little more personal as I wrote about what I was learning while in the thick of learning it!

The series focuses primarily on becoming an independently published fiction author and gives hacks and tricks for mastering various skill sets involved, including writing faster, creating a solid writing habit, dictating your book, outlining and writing a story, selling your book, and building product funnels for your business.

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Finish Your First Draft Self-Study Course

Are you struggling to turn your big story, message, or idea into a book? Does writing the first draft of your amazing novel, memoir, or self-help book scare the $%!# out of you?

Finish Your First Draft is ideal for writers who know they want to write a book but find themselves staring at that blank page with dread. This self-study course with ten video lessons will walk you step-by-step through your book and break each piece down into a manageable chunk.

It’s ideal for first-time book writers, as well as writers who never learned traditional fiction, nonfiction, or memoir structure.

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