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The World Needs Your Book Signature Program is a 10-month intensive designed to help you create a book that you love + a book that has a positive impact on the world.

Maybe you’re a coach or entrepreneur who wants more clients, a bigger audience, or a larger impact. Or maybe you’re a careerist looking to shift into a new and exciting job in a new field with your dream company. You might be a fiction author with a big story in your heart, that you know could impact millions and make people happy. Or maybe you’re a lifelong writer who has deep personal experiences that could help others, if you only knew how to share them.

I’ve created The World Needs Your Book Signature Program to help you create that book that could change everything… Help you land your dream job… Take your business to the next level… Speak your heart to the masses… Land clients and speaking gigs… Put your startup on the map… Get your stories on television… and so much more!

For both beginners and seasoned writers, this program is designed to take you through every step of the book writing and publishing process, from your mindset going into it all the way to what happens after your book launch. Over the course of ten months, we teach you everything you need to know about publishing a book that helps you achieve your dreams the right way.

We answer questions like:

Should I go traditional or publish independently? How do I clarify my message or story? I’m overwhelmed—how do I start? How can I gain confidence in my writing and improve it quickly? How do I hit a bestseller list? How do I make money from my book? How do I launch this book well and give it its best chance? How can I build my business and write my book at the same time? How do I get more clients/readers/job offers/users/speaking opportunities and so much more from my book?

I often tell my clients, “a book is never just a book.” The World Needs Your Book Signature Program is designed to be much more than a course about writing a book. It’s a program to help you expand your message in every direction. As your book grows, your business grows, and you grow too!

It’s impossible to work on a book without letting that book also work you. If you’ve been looking for a complete transformation in your life and business, a book can be that gateway—and we can help you get there!

This is more than a program. We are building a community of Igniters: people who insist on leaving the world a better place than they found it. If you desire to be part of a community of people who are doing big things in this world to make a positive impact in a variety of areas—politics, media, entertainment, spirituality, and more—this is the program for you! When we come together, we can move mountains. Your fellow Igniters will help you write, learn, grow, build, and expand into your own voice.

If you have a big mission, message, or story, let’s make it happen.

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“Excited and motivated to get back to writing…”

“Yay! I was so excited and motivated by your content that I wanted to get back to writing right away. I have so much respect for you as a writer, and I’m happy to note how your suggestions will make the the story spread.”

~ Susan Pogorzelski, author of Gold in the Days of Summer, winner of the 2014 International Rubery Book Award for Best Children’s Book

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Improve Your Writing

Writing is a skill that only gets more important as the internet becomes a prominent tool for building businesses and making sales. Your writing skills matter, and if you can improve them now, you’ve made a fantastic investment in your business and future! My team can help you drastically improve your writing in just a few months, because we have all written multiple books that have hit bestseller lists, won awards, and made money. We know how to level up your skills, message, and story.

Grow Your Audience

A book launch (and everything leading up to it) is a natural event that helps you grow your audience quickly. Not only does it boost your credibility and give you a low-end paid product that someone can learn more about your work through, it also gives you a reason to be featured in media, on podcasts, at conferences, and more. We are taught to grow our audience and then publish a book… but what if the opposite is true? I’ll teach you how I’ve used this to grow my own audience quickly!

Make Empowered Publishing Decisions

The #1 question people ask about a book is whether they should go the traditional publishing route or independently publish? There are benefits and downsides to both, and you can actually make different choices for each project. I’ll also teach how you can make one or the other happen faster, and how your decision affects the money you make, the bestseller lists you hit, and more.

Clarify Your Message

A business skyrockets when you have deep clarity of message, which happens organically when you’re writing a book! Once you have clarity of message, your target audience, sales copy, free content, and programs will easily flow. Clarifying your message is one of the best things you can do for your business, and so is writing a book!

Impact the World

We believe that the best and most successful businesses work hard to impact the world, not just support the owners and employees. We’ll work on your mission and make sure your book is a solid representation of that, so you don’t just make money or build a business, but also transform lives.

Make Money

We believe that businesses should fund themselves with profits fairly early in the process, so we focus on making money sooner (before you finish your book). This takes a bit of creativity, but it makes it much easier to keep going. A book is a long project and an investment in the long-term health and growth of your business. You still need to build in the meantime, and this program greatly supports that so the business and book flow in both directions, making the other that much stronger.

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“Best-in-class superstar!”

“Monica’s writing skills are really incredible and I knew from the start that she would be extremely successful. Among her good qualities are her persistence and her passion for all things marketing, technology, and branding. I recommend her to anyone looking to get a best-in-class superstar!”

~ Dan Schawbel, New York Times & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of Promote Yourself, Forbes & Inc. 30 Under 30

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Weekly Calls With Monica – Hop on the phone for some group mentoring time with Monica Leonelle, your Mentor for this program. Even if you don’t have a question, you’ll learn a lot from others on the call.

Accountability Calls With Your Assigned Group – We keep you plugged in to your goals and dreams by giving you a support and feedback system right off the bat! Your accountability group will help you stay on track week to week so you can accelerate your progress through the program.

10 Months of Training Content (One Focus Per Month) – Instruction, templates, checklists, resources, workbooks, and most importantly, deadlines! We teach you how to do what’s needed while giving you lots of time and space to actually do it.

Guest Expert Mentors – We’ll be announcing multiple guest experts who teach specific sections of the program.

Private Slack Group – Post your ideas, questions, and more in the Slack group for quick feedback from Monica and the rest of the students in the program. The most valuable stuff happens behind closed doors… trust me, this is not your mama’s typical Facebook group.

Live Training Event + Graduation (Invite Only) – When you complete the program, we invite you to our live training + graduation event in Saint Louis. Meet Monica + your fellow students in person and get a special experience that can’t be delivered online.

Take the Program Again – There are many different tracks in this program and it’s unlikely you’ll get to it all in one go. Come back once you’ve completed the program and take it again, following different paths to continue growing and transforming your business + readership!



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“Great Tips!”

“Some great tips from Monica, and every writer, no matter where on the journey, can learn something new.”

~ Joanna Penn, New York Times and USA Todaybestselling author of thriller under J.F. Penn, author of How To Market a Book and founder of TheCreativePenn.com

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“Generous with her advice.”

“Monica Leonelle is VERY generous with her advice and covers exactly how to track your productivity, how to use a 4-draft system for fiction, how learned to walk-and-write with dictation, the power of the Pomodoro system, what to do when you get stuck and A LOT more. [Write Better, Faster is] One of the best how-to-be-a-writer books I’ve read in the last year. Worth 10 times the price.”

~ Kevin Kruse, NY Times bestselling author, Forbes columnist and serial entrepreneur

[/content][/efcb-section-html][efcb-section-fulltickets title=”Enrollment Closes on October 5th!” title_icon=”ticket” background_color=” ” title_font_color=” ” ticket_background_color=” ” ticket_title_font_color=” ” ticket_price_font_color=” ” ticket_text_font_color=” ” ticket_button_background_color=” ” ticket_button_font_color=” ” id=”ui-id-6-1501970511675128″ entities=”38,39,380″][/efcb-section-fulltickets][efcb-section-fullspeakers hero_title=”About Monica Leonelle” title_icon=”university” hero_subtitle=”Your Program Instructor” hero_background_image=” ” hero_background_color=” ” background_color=” ” header_title_font_color=” ” header_subtitle_font_color=” ” speaker_title_font_color=” ” speaker_subtitle_font_color=” ” speaker_icons_font_color=” ” id=”ui-id-14-150275007492247″ entities=”81″][/efcb-section-fullspeakers][efcb-section-html line_spacing=” ” text_font_color=” ” id=”ui-id-25-1505241447261132″][content]

“Riding off the residual energy of our conversation…”

“Thank you for holding space for me… I’m freaking excited to get started! I have that inspired passion again for my book idea now that I have more of a direction. Before, I knew it was there but didn’t know where to go, what to do, where to start. Thank you!”

~ Jen Mavros, host of The Jen Mavros Show podcast and creator of the Mavros Method of Manifestation

[/content][/efcb-section-html][efcb-section-calltoaction-small title=”What You’ll Learn:” background_color=” ” box_background_color=” ” title_color=” ” subtitle_color=” ” link_font_color=” ” link_hover_font_color=” ” id=”ui-id-18-150487662727959″][subtitle][/subtitle][/efcb-section-calltoaction-small][efcb-section-columns-3 text_font_color=” ” background_color=” ” id=”ui-id-18-15048771112793″][content1]


The 4 areas of mindset that you MUST overcome to be successful as an author (plus how to do it) (MONTH ONE)

Why your personal story is key to clarifying your message, story, and marketing (plus how to nail it) (MONTH ONE)

Understanding exactly how to make money as a creative business so you can do the work you’re meant to do (this is different than what you’ve learned in traditional business models) (MONTH ONE)

The step-by-step templates you need to outline your book to make sure your writing journey is a smooth process (novels, self-help, business, memoir) (MONTH TWO) 

The step-by-step templates you need to outline your book proposal to make sure your writing journey is a smooth process (novels, self-help, business, memoir) (MONTH TWO)

The least you need to know to get your writing flowing, increase your writing speed, improve your writing habits, and more (MONTH THREE)

Writing the perfect autoresponder for your list-building efforts (that converts strangers to audience, readers, customers, clients, more) (MONTH ONE)

How I build my list with giveaways (and how to avoid all the mistakes people make with giveaway list-builders!) (MONTH TWO)

Building your list with videos or a video series: how I streamlined my creation process, different video styles you can use, all my equipment, and more (MONTH THREE)

My sales process for selling everything I sell… from books, to high-end courses, to mentor packages, to events, and so on (MONTH TWO)

Finding new clients and customers through your book, your sales funnels, and solid copywriting (MONTH THREE)



The critical pieces of your cover and how to get a cover that sells in multiple formats (MONTH FOUR)

Why book descriptions are so important and how to write an incredible book description that sells your book (MONTH FOUR)

The critical elements to your sales page on multiple platforms and how to systematically improve each one (MONTH FOUR)

How to improve your placement at bookstores or get distribution if you’re independently publishing (MONTH FOUR)

How to get feedback from audience, critique partners, your accountability group, and/or beta readers (MONTH FIVE)

Why you shouldn’t make changes for every piece of critique (and why you SHOULD make changes (MONTH FIVE)

The three levels of editing and how to efficiently and systematically run through your draft to make it as good as possible (MONTH SIX)

The big decisions that will affect ALL your marketing: how to publish, what to price, what platforms to go for, and how to market (high-level) (MONTH SEVEN)

How to build your email list with webinars, challenges, FB live, and other digital events (MONTH FOUR)

Getting easy-to-create content upgrades onto your website (and into your book) so that you can build your list (MONTH FIVE)

How to run cross-promotions with other authors or start an affiliate program to help you build your email list before launch (MONTH SIX)

How you can make money pre-book with a workshop tour (and some of my results from running mine) (MONTH FOUR)

Why you might want to host a digital summit before your book manuscript is finalized (and how to do it) (MONTH FIVE)

How you can use your book idea to run a digital program (and managing expectations around it) (MONTH SIX)



How to use your book idea to get speaker opportunities (and how to sell books at the events for a second stream of income) (MONTH SEVEN)

The 10 Stages of Audience Framework and how it makes book marketing easy! (MONTH EIGHT)

Crafting your book launch plan to suit your goals (we’ll cover both soft launches and hard launches and why you may want to do one or the other) (MONTH EIGHT)

How to determine if you should make a run for the bestseller list and how to do it during your book launch week (MONTH EIGHT)

Creating an evergreen marketing plan and marketing your book on (mostly) autopilot (MONTH NINE)

Important things to know about the different advertising platforms (and how much to spend on each) (MONTH NINE)

Nurturing Readers, Fans, and Evangelists so they spread the word and leave awesome reviews (MONTH TEN)

Creating your post-launch business plan and making the most of your book as you build your business moving forward (MONTH TEN)

Your next book: how to make it happen and build on what you’ve already created (MONTH TEN)

How to make money on your book using a career change (MONTH EIGHT)

How to make money from a series of books (MONTH NINE)

How to make money from a second medium with your book as a revenue stream (using a podcast or blog) (MONTH TEN)

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“Monica starts off by helping you tackle the mindsets—the mental blocks—that continually get in the way of starting or finishing your writing projects.”

“And then she offers really practical strategies and tips to get the work done. Monica debunks some of the myths around writing like the notion of “butt in chair time.” What about taking your writing with you? Why be tethered to a chair, desk or laptop when you can write on your smartphone, for instance? If you’ve struggled to develop a consistent writing habit, one that will take you to the finish line, then check [out Monica’s work.]”

~ Glenn Leibowitz, podcaster at Write with Impact, LinkedIn Voice

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“Put a method to the madness…”

“Monica has always intuitively understood how to create buzz and enthusiasm for a message and she generously shares her secrets of success. She encourages putting a method to the madness in order to gain long-term traction. I highly recommend Monica to anyone who’s looking for a little extra guidance in navigating this confusing and exciting digital landscape.”

~ Alexandra Levit, author of They Don’t Teach Corporate in College and former New York Times syndicated columnist

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Fast-Action Bonus #1:

The Accelerator’s Formula Self-Study Course – 8 Modules ($497 value)

If you want to dig deeper into mindset work, this is my six-step process to up-leveling that works for anything! I’ve used this process to scale my business, build a large team, make big leaps in messaging, and manifest a new house.

The course includes 8 videos + corresponding workbooks.


Fast-Action Bonus #2:

Monthly Behind-the-Scenes Business Insider Updates ($997 value)

Every month I post a behind-the-scenes video with my wins, challenges, and progress on my business. I’ll share the ups and downs of entrepreneurship + progress on my personal book projects (including two specific goals: to sell my memoir to a traditional publisher and to hit the New York Times bestseller list in the next year).

This bonus is 12 months of video starting in September 2017.

Fast-Action Bonus #3:

My Foolproof System For Landing Guest Spots on Podcasts ($497 value)

I’ll be sharing our exact email templates (plus how those have evolved over the years) and will also include things like why we record 1-3 podcast interviews a week, our equipment setup, our critical pre- and post- systems for following up, how we find podcasts to pitch, how we get them to say yes, how we market podcasts after the fact, and how we continue to nurture those relationships moving forward. I’ll also share my best tips for nailing your interview and how to be prepared for any question.

Delivered via live video presentation + Q&A. Recording will be made available.

Fast-Action Bonus #4:

 Build Your Team Quickly on a Budget ($997 value)

Building a team is one of the biggest blockers to getting more done in less time. I’ll share the many challenges I’ve had with building my team and how I’ve learned to recruit, train, and manage team members to get fast momentum on any project. I’ll also share my onboarding process, how I protect my energy and time, how I hire, why I fire quickly, and the top three things that changed everything for me in terms of becoming a better manager.

Delivered via live video presentation + Q&A. Recording will be made available.

Bonus #5

Behind-the-Scenes of a Bestseller Run

Bonus #6

Getting to 100+ Reviews Quickly

Bonus #7

Spiking and Maintaining Sales Rank on Amazon and iBooks 

Bonus #8

Converting Readers to Raving Fans and Evangelists

Bonus #9

Running a Blog or Podcast Tour

Bonus #10

Ads that Work For Us Across Platforms

Bonus #11

Mindset Digital Art (wallpaper for desktop, phone)

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“Holistic understanding of how to execute campaigns…”

“In a world of everyone calling themselves marketing experts, and with advice being published on blogs every day, Monica will make sure you have a holistic understanding of how to execute your campaigns and come out ahead!”

~ Yu-kai Chou, author of Actionable Gamification, winner of “Gamification Guru of the Year Award” for both 2014 and 2015, and regular Fortune 500 speaker

[/content][/efcb-section-html][efcb-section-fulltickets title=”Sign Up!” title_icon=”ticket” background_color=” ” title_font_color=” ” ticket_background_color=” ” ticket_title_font_color=” ” ticket_price_font_color=” ” ticket_text_font_color=” ” ticket_button_background_color=” ” ticket_button_font_color=” ” id=”ui-id-25-1505166720515197″ entities=”38,39,380″][/efcb-section-fulltickets][efcb-section-html line_spacing=” ” text_font_color=” ” id=”ui-id-29-150524352520511″][content]

“You’ve already taught me so much…”

“I wanted to self-publish a book, and Jay told me that you are the queen of this. Wow, amazing. You have already taught me so much. Thanks!”

~ Penelope Trunk, author of Brazen Careerist and blogger at PenelopeTrunk.com

[/content][/efcb-section-html][efcb-section-calltoaction-small title=” Frequently Asked Questions” background_color=” ” box_background_color=” ” title_color=” ” subtitle_color=” ” link_font_color=” ” link_hover_font_color=” ” id=”ui-id-11-1502196307753113″][subtitle][/subtitle][/efcb-section-calltoaction-small][efcb-section-html line_spacing=”” text_font_color=” ” id=”ui-id-14-1502196310596139″][content]

But does the world need my book?

It sometimes feels like everybody wants to write a book… but here’s the deal. Very few people actually want to write a book to the point where they are considering an intensive like this. Basically, if you have a message you know you want to get out there, then the universe has already chosen you to deliver it!

You always have free will, but if you look inside your heart you’ll at least know that you’ve been called.

Is the program ideal for coaches?

Yes. If you are building your digital business or coaching program, this program is like hiring a book coach and a business coach in one. Writing your book is growing your business, and vice-versa. They work beautifully together, plus a book will help you really stand out from the crowd because so few coaches have one right now.

Is the program ideal for startup entrepreneurs?

Yes. I worked in tech startups for most of my corporate career and have coached several CEOs on their writing. Those CEOs have gone on to write and publish books that have helped their businesses succeed!

Is the program ideal for a novelist, memoirist, or other type of storyteller?

Yes. I’ve written dozens of novels at this point and I’m working on my first memoir to pitch for a traditional publishing deal during this run of the program. I’ll be sharing my progress, stumbling blocks, and results as we go along.

Is the program ideal for a careerist who wants to change companies?

Yes. In 2009 I published my first book and used it to go from being a software engineer to a director of digital marketing at multiple startups. A book can do great things for your career, including landing you paid speaking gigs and giving you a second stream of income (both of which happened to me).

How is the program delivered?

The program consists of downloadable video/audio and workbooks, which you can access through our mobile-friendly website. Additionally, we send out regular emails to keep you on pace with the group as well as our active Slack community.

We have live calls with the group each week where you can ask questions and get support. You’ll also be placed in an accountability group which will meet regularly.

Does Monica provide one-on-one support for this program?

There is no one-on-one support included in this program, but Monica is happy to answer the questions you post in our exclusive Slack group. She will also be on calls with the group each week, and there will be time to hop on the mic and get her personal recommendations and help regarding a specific problem in your business.


What are Monica’s credentials?

Monica is a USA Today bestselling author and has a master’s degree (an MBA) in marketing, strategy, and entrepreneurship from Chicago Booth School of Business. She became a breakout author in a nonfiction niche in 2015. She’s translating that to her fiction at the moment. She won’t know the final results until later this year, but early efforts are good.

Monica was also the Director of Digital at a word-of-mouth marketing company under a renowned word-of-mouth marketing expert. She was the Director of Marketing at a software startup that sold to Paypal for $800M. Monica also worked at a Buzzfeed competitor under the creator of the largest Harry Potter fansite in the world, Mugglenet, which specializes in virality.


How fast will I get results?

We can’t offer you a magic bullet to get sales and money in the door, and we know that. This course will teach you “how to fish,” so you know and understand the writing process, the business, and the marketing well enough to look like a genius compared to other authors. We will focus on the big picture strategies so you can have an amazing career, not a few good months of sales and then *plop* dead in the water. This is way more common than you think, especially with previously bestselling authors.

Your results are entirely up to you, though I will do my best to unlock sales for you in the first few months of the program. We will also map out your business in the very first month so you can start putting the pieces into place. Once you’ve unlocked how to do marketing and sales without the skeeziness, you will be able to apply that skill to making money.

We then dive deeper into different business strategies that you may wish to implement, and we go through a new list-building strategy each month.

If you’re in this for the long haul, you must be thinking long-term. You must be committed. Lasting change comes from doing things right and being strategic. You’ll learn this and more in the program.

10 months is a long time. What if I need to put a pause on my efforts during the program?

This is 100% allowed. We write contracts with ourselves at the beginning of the program, but there are two decision points as the program goes along. During these decision points you are allowed to adjust your efforts for what’s working and what’s not. If needed, we can move you to the next cohort, which gives you several extra months to expand. We will then write a new contract so that you use your spaciousness wisely and keep moving forward on your book and business with ease and flow.

Once you have completed all payments on the program, you have access to it for as long as we run it and can join the next cohort through this method whenever needed.

Can I do the program and still get a traditional publishing deal?

Yes, you can. Instead of drafting your book, you’ll draft and edit your book proposal (most nonfiction). For novelists and memoirists, you may need to draft a significant chunk of your book before securing a deal anyway.

You are also free to decide which route you’d like to take during the program as you learn more about what each entails.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

This program is no quit, no refund from the moment you sign up, so make sure you are committed before doing so!

To repeat: We don’t offer refunds. By signing up for this program, you are fully committed to both the content and whatever payment plan you choose. You are responsible for all payments under the payment plan you’ve chosen regardless of whether you use the material or remain in the program.