A Membership to Take Your Author Business to the Next Level

  • Get conference-level knowledge from the comfort of your home
  • Learn new customized-for-novelists business frameworks from an actual MBA
  • No phone call scheduling, no courses to work through (unless you want to), no information overload—just solutions to your author business problems in a timely manner

5 Things We Deliver On

Monthly Focus

You have a lot of projects on your plate, but it may be tough to actually DO them when so many tasks are vying for your attention. Expand into new income streams, structure your team, revive your backlist, figure out that new platform, improve your branding, work through marketing challenges, and more. Choose one focus per month and get laser-targeted content, printables, and feedback to help you get it done.

Framework First Friday

You may be so busy working IN your business that you never have time to work ON it—no more! Do some CEO self-care with our mini-retreat-in-a-(digital)-box that features one major business framework from our proprietary collection each month. Carve out 2-4 hours to dream big and get re-aligned to your larger vision for your business. You’ll receive your mini-retreat digital package on the first Friday of every month and can set a business date for yourself to work through it.

Mindset Monday

You likely already know that mindset work is everything in the author business. Take your mindset to the next level with weekly pep talks from me that help you grow and scale your business! We also have conversations about the broader picture, including going after big goals, setting serious boundaries, forging ahead while releasing attachment to results, signing deals, and clearing the self-sabotages that may be holding you back. I’ve trained on mindset through multiple coaching certifications and dozens of courses and programs, so this is the real deal.

Author Jam Sessions

NYT and USA TODAY bestselling authors. People making the $$$ and taking names. Twice a month, we talk with successful authors in a roundtable-style discussion about a super-specific topic across marketing, branding, advertising, scaling, and more. Submit your questions beforehand as every conversation is pre-recorded and heavily moderated to make sure we stick to advanced topics that career authors are interested in.

Personal Feedback

Sometimes you just want solid, non-peanut-gallery feedback on your marketing funnel, email sequence, website optimization, advertising strategy, product pages and author presence, and more. Get thoughts from a marketing and copywriting expert with 15 years of experience. I will always respond, it will always be intelligent, thoughtful, and kind, and you will never have to argue with random commenters who have no clue what they’re talking about.

There is no long scheduled coaching call to show up for or wade through; simply fill out the form with the information we need and you will receive a video or audio back with solutions. You can also select if you would like to remain anonymous or keep the feedback private, so your big plans don’t go leaking all over the internet.

3 Things We Don’t Try to Sell You On


There is not one thing to show up to at a certain time in this program. Everything is asynchronous, pre-recorded, and done through email, text, or recorded audio/video. From one busy person to another, I hope this is a relief to you!

Exclusive Community

We believe that you already have a great community to support your business—that’s how you got to this point to begin with. This program has no membership forums or Facebook group, because the focus is on you and turning inward. We don’t want you to build our community—we want you to build yourself and naturally expand your business as a result. All of our content and programming is focused on you receiving without having to work at the social or networking aspects of it. (There’s plenty of networking elsewhere, I promise!)

You may hear the term “CEO self-care” quite a bit in this membership, and it’s a reminder to you to care deeply for yourself. We believe that’s what expands entrepreneurs, and thus businesses, the most.

More, More, More

Let’s be honest—you really don’t want more courses or books or programs. You just want results in your business. We don’t believe that “more is more,” nor do we believe that “less is more.” Rather, we believe that the right resource at the right time is what moves people forward. We have a vast library of resources to help you grow your author business, but our goal is to get you the exact resource you need at the perfect time for a fraction of the cost of coaching.

How It Works

Step 1: Try Before You Commit

Step 2: Sign Up

Step 3: Get Acquainted With the Membership Space

You will see:

  • A Welcome, Introduction, and Housekeeping section
  • The Foundations University, which is a foundational training ground for authors who are still building their backlist or learning the ropes. (Seasoned pros can skip this!)
  • The Mindset Lounge, where we house all of our author pep talks. Feel free to pop these on whenever you need a boost!
  • The first two Monthly Focus courses
  • The first framework
  • The first two Author Jam Sessions
  • The Graduation section, which gives you all the information about how and when to graduate from the membership

What You Get

What You Get Upon Enrollment

  • Welcome gift (digital download)
  • Access to The Foundations University, which houses our foundational courses that includes Finish Your First Draft, Fix Your First Draft, Write Better, Faster, and Get Your Book Selling Everywhere
  • Access to the Mindset Lounge, which houses all our author pep talks
  • Locked-in pricing so that when we raise the price (we will) you get the grandfathered rate

What You Get Each Month

  • 1 mini-retreat-in-a-digital-box focused on a new business framework
  • 4-5 new Mindset Monday author pep talks
  • 2 Author Jam Sessions
  • Personalized Feedback on your biggest business woes

What You Get Each Quarter

  • Access to 4 courses total (you get to pick and choose your Monthly Focus)
  • Bonus gifts (to download!) after month 3, 6, 9, and 12

Your First Three Months in the Membership

Month 1: Programs 1 & 2

Your first two programs will be:

  • Business Strategy for Authors
  • Product Funnel Makeover

We recommend you commit to working through the materials for at least one of these programs during Month 1.

Month 2: Programs 3 & 4

The Month 2 programs will be:

  • Leaks in Your Sales Funnel
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Backlist

We recommend you commit to working through the materials for at least one of these programs during Month 2.

Month 3: Implementation and Self-Study

On the third month of each quarter you are a member, we give you a break from the Monthly Focus in the form of an implementation month. This can be used to take a step back from the membership, to work on a project that is not part of our membership, or to go through another membership program that you already have access to. You can also just chill and admire your work from the first two months—because we’re sure you killed it!

We believe that rest is in many ways even more important than taking action, only because entrepreneurs don’t make the time for it! The implementation month at the end of each quarter is a great time to finish projects and close them out so you can start fresh and tackle new challenges in the following quarter.


This program is currently being offered for $49/month or $99/quarter. You can cancel any time. (But you won’t want to!)

Member Perks


We are currently closed for enrollment. Please email team@theworldneedsyourbook.com to add your name to the waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my membership?

There is no commitment to this membership and cancelling your membership is easy. (Though you’re probably not going to want to!) We post the easy step-by-step process to cancellation inside the membership site. When you cancel, you will be automatically unenrolled from the program at the end of your billing cycle.

Can I get a refund for my recent payment?

No. We do not offer refunds on past billing cycles, even if the payment just went through that day. You are, however, able to cancel your subscription and you will be automatically unenrolled from the program at the end of your billing cycle.

Do I get to keep access to the content I unlock if I cancel my membership?

You can keep access to any content that you’ve downloaded, including books, printables, and digital downloads. Due to the nature of this being a membership program, we do not allow video or audio to be downloaded. If there is a particular program you would like to keep a copy of, please email us at team@theworldneedsyourbook.com for a discounted link.

Can I download the videos/audio and listen offline?

We do not allow videos or audio to be downloaded from this program; however, you have access to the content for as long as you are a member. You may also purchase the programs you like separately through a discounted link. Email team@theworldneedsyourbook.com to discuss your options.