Today is the launch of my new book, Novel Writing Prep: A 30-Day Planner That Prepares You To Write 50,000 Words in One Month, which is the first in a series I’m launching especially for novelists and aspiring novelists who want to focus on writing craft and the business of books.

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This particular book started several years ago, when I told my accountability group that I wanted to write a new book for National Novel Writing Month and its participants.

I felt like I had a lot of good stuff to say about story, and a lot of good stuff to say about writing fast. And what is National Novel Writing Month about if not writing lots of words, quickly, so you can build your confidence and express yourself?

They encouraged me to take some of my very best lessons across all my work and content and turn it into a 30-day outlining book that could be the perfect companion to #Preptober, the October outlining challenge. (Pumpkin-flavored everything isn’t the only good thing about fall!)

Praise for the first writing craft book, Nail Your Story

Who is Novel Writing Prep For?

Novel Writing Prep is 30 days of lessons that includes the best content from my Story Symmetry Framework (formerly the Smarter Storytelling Framework).

It’s ideal for:

  • Aspiring authors who want to learn more about story structure without having to read 70 books on it (🙋🏻‍♀️ like I did!)
  • Aspiring authors who want to develop and streamline their production process for writing books
  • Professional authors who want to find areas in their writing craft where they could improve
  • Anyone who loved my work on writing craft in Nail Your Story and wants a quick and actionable refresher on the content (While that book is probably my second best in the Growth Hacking For Storytellers series, this book is even stronger and one of my favorites I’ve written)
  • Anyone who wants to #Preptober (prep in October) for #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month in November)

Praise for the first writing craft book, Nail Your Story

The Ultimate Novel Plotter

Not only was Novel Writing Prep an absolute joy to write (I love jamming on story structure more than just about anything) it’s also a fantastic book to help you quickly map out a story and get it really, really right the first time around.

The lessons are simple and littered with modern storytelling examples from some of the bestselling franchises of our time. The book is small—only 208 printed pages total—with just enough content to get you really deep into story, without overwhelming you. And the content is so, so solid—tested by hundreds of real and aspiring authors at all levels and all stages in the process.

Finally, in the book, I share my Ultimate Novel Plotter, which is my go-to document of questions and reminders to make sure that my story is in deep alignment around theme. This is a document I put together after years of writing and plotting stories (my first novel came out in 2011 😲) and after reading 70+ books on writing craft (and counting).

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Praise for Monica’s Work on Writing Craft

Here are some of snippets from reviews for my other writing craft book, Nail Your Story:

“NYS is FANTASTIC. While I have stumbled on most of the concepts myself through the many craft books, seeing it all together in action has been a huge help and a game changer in the way I’ll prep my stories going forward.

~ Sable Jordan, author of the Kizzie Baldwin thriller series

Nail Your Story outlines a thorough, well thought out process on how to plan out your book and avoid a lot of headaches in the process.

~ Brad Swift, Life coach and founder of Life on Purpose

I’ve read quite a few books on writing. This is one of the best.

~ Todd, Amazon reviewer

There’s so much good stuff here to learn about story. I want to create deeply layered stories like my favorites, and if that’s what you want, you should definitely pick this up.”

~ Yesenia Vargas, YA fiction author

What I love about Monica is her willingness to not only share what’s working for her, but her ability to create workable systems that are easily understood and can be implemented immediately. It kind of feels like she’s further down the path (waaaay further) and is leaving story breadcrumbs for us to find our way, and I love that!”

~ Adam Bailey, Amazon reviewer

Another phenomenal time saving tool for writers… A must read- but work while you are reading it, this is a TOOL! Use it.

~ Emma Alisyn, Amazon reviewer

Content Preview

The paperback is slowly making its way to retailers and the Novel Writing Prep Companion Workbook is getting formatted shortly! Here’s what’s in store:

Grab Novel Writing Prep Today

I hope you’ll check out the book and the new series, The Productive Novelist, which has many more releases planned to help you outline, draft, edit, publish, launch and market your novel!

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Praise for the first writing craft book, Nail Your Story

Check Out My New Book, Novel Writing Prep!

50,000+ words in 30 days—impossible, right?

Or if it is possible, those words must be total crap—right?

And even if there is some semblance of writing talent in the draft, writing that fast means the plot and characters must make no sense… right?

No. Nope. Wrong!

Yes, you can write 50,000 good words on your novel in as little as a month, as long as you prepare yourself.

Ready to learn how?

Grab my new book, Novel Writing Prep:

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