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Get the (FREE!) Novel Writing Prep Goodies to help with outlining your novel! The Novel Writing Prep system comes with 30 days of worksheets, resources, and other extras so that you can plot your novel like the pros do in as little as a month!

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Book Launch Challenge

Get all the videos from the Book Launch Challenge for free, plus receive additional bonus content including plan template downloads, the 5B Launch Formula, and more.

You’ll learn best practices around launching a book + hot new tactics that few are currently using.

You’ll also learn how to creatively launch a book on any budget!

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Prose on Fire Archive Freebies

I’ve moved away from my old brands, Prose on Fire and Growth Hacking for Storytellers, and unfortunately there are what feels like a million links those brands across the internet!

If you are looking for an email signup or freebie that I’ve offered under that brand, you can (hopefully) find it here. If you’re not finding it, feel free to email and I’ll try to add it to this repository.

Please note that any freebies obtained through this signup are outdated and may contain information that is no longer useful and/or helpful. I highly recommend upgrading to my current work, featured above!

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