I had the amazing opportunity recently to join my friend, Bryan Cohen, as a co-host on the Sell More Books Show. We discussed industry news, including the question of the week.

If you had the opportunity to sell your film rights tomorrow for a small sum, would you sell them or would you hold on to them in hopes of actually getting your film made?


Film Rights, KU Recruiting, and Writing Sprints on the Sell More Books Show with Monica Leonelle

Make sure to check out the episode for our take on that question as well as the following:

  • How to get more followers on BookBub (and my thoughts on BookBub’s purpose behind this strategy)
  • How to deal with the pressure of being an author
  • How much you can get accomplished with short, timed writing sprints
  • How many sales winning a Pulitzer Prize can get you
  • Whether or not the Kindle Scout program is worth it
  • Why Nate Hoffelder thinks the Google Play Partner Center will never re-open (and my take on it)
  • What Amazon is doing to try to boost KU’s participants
  • Who really loses when scammers win on KU
  • Whether or not indies should sell their film rights

Oh, and check out the great discussion in the comments!

Listen in to this episode of The Sell More Books Show!

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