Yes, some of it does. But know the difference between:

1. Epic Content (with a capital ‘E’) that is meant to attract an audience
2. regular content that is meant to build a relationship with that audience

Most of your content doesn’t need to be epic in any way. Most of your content should be about what you’re learning and what your readers care about.

Every once in awhile, break out some Epic Content. Don’t hide it on your blog or your website, where new people won’t be able to find it. Spread it as far and wide as you can, capture a portion of the people who view it with an email signup, and then start building that relationship.

(A note to fiction authors: yes, your books should probably be Epic. But what happens on your blog or your YouTube channel or wherever you hang out should be primarily building a relationship with your reader, with a bit of Epic mixed in to bring people there in the first place.)

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