The World Needs Your Book, So Get Started! (Day 1 of 4 ) 

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  • How to zoom in on your unique viewpoint + value to the world
  • Why quotables are one of the *most* important ways to build your book
  • How to figure out where your story or message can fit into your current niche or genre (hint: what's missing from the books you read?)
  • Why now is such an important time to be adding your diverse book to the world
  • How to dig deep into the storyline of your book (and yes you need one, even if you're writing nonfiction!)
  • The 4 phases (and 12 questions) you MUST cover in your book (no matter the genre)
  • How to find the theme of your book (and why it's critical to becoming a bestseller)
  • Setting intentions for the future around time, space, and support so you make your book happen
  • BONUS: a special link to view my upcoming program before it launches and get the inside deets early