Things are changing at Prose on Fire. This was not an easy decision, but it’s the right one for me. Watch below for more. You can also visit to sign up for my new project. Check Out My New Book, Novel Writing Prep!50,000+ words in 30 days—impossible, right? Or if it is possible, those words […]

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Six (Plus) Bonus Reports on Launching a Fiction Series!

I’m doing something special for the POF audience for the beginning of 2017—bonus reports on the results of my first major fiction launch! (I’ve launched before, but never so hard as I’m about to.) The goal of these reports is so you can see a behind-the-scenes of what I did + how well it worked […]

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Too Much Going On At Once? (Behind-the-Scenes Launch #3)

Today, I sent an email with six Calls-To-Action to my Prose on Fire email list. I know better. Common knowledge is that you should only send ONE CTA in your email. I’ll sometimes break the rule with two, and if we’re really busy, I’ll share three. So you can probably guess how much of a shit […]

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