Growth Hacking for Storytellers

Write Better, Faster: How To Triple Your Writing Speed and Write More Every Day (Growth Hacking For Storytellers #1)

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In 2012, fiction author Monica Leonelle made a life-changing decision to learn to write faster. Through months of trial-and-error, hundreds of hours of experimentation, and dozens of manuscripts, she tweaked and honed until she could easily write 10,000 words in a day, at speeds over 3500+ words per hour!

She shares all her insights, secrets, hacks, and data in this tome dedicated to improving your writing speeds, skyrocketing your monthly word count, and publishing more books. You’ll learn:

– The 4-step framework that Monica used to reach speeds of 3500+ new fiction words per hour
– The tracking systems you need to double or triple your writing speed in the next couple months
– The killer 4-step pre-production method Monica uses to combat writer’s block, no matter what the project is!
– The secrets to developing a daily writing habit that other authors don’t talk about enough
– How Monica went from publishing only one book per year from 2009-2013, to publishing 8 books in a single year in 2014

For serious authors, both beginner and advanced, who want to improve their output this year!

Write Better, Faster: How To Triple Your Writing Speed and Write More Every Day will help you kick your excuses and get more writing done. As part of the Growth Hacking For Storytellers series, it explores how to hack your writing routine to be more efficient, more productive, and have a ton of fun in the process!

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Nail Your Story: Add Tension, Build Emotion, and Keep Your Readers Addicted (Growth Hacking For Storytellers #2)

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What makes a story feel connective, engaging, and complete?

If you’ve read dozens of storytelling craft books and still don’t have a strong answer to that question, you’ll love how Nail Your Story doesn’t give you another laundry list of items that your story is supposed to have.

Instead, Nail Your Story attempts to reveal the connections between the various parts of story so that you can more easily build cohesive plots, characters, themes, and settings—without having to stress over the decisions because (surprise!) you’ve probably already made them in another area of your book.

Included in the book:
– Monica’s Smarter Storytelling Framework, which shows you the many layers of a story and how they each relate to each other
– Translation guides for building out your story (for example, how you can use character to build your theme, and vice-versa)
– The Smarter Storytelling Worksheets to help you plot out all the elements of your story into one cohesive document
– Tons of examples from some of the most popular stories of our time, including Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, the Twilight series, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, How To Get Away With Murder, A Song of Ice and Fire, and more.

If you’ve struggled to get 5-star reviews on your stories or build an audience of people dying to get your next book, Nail Your Story will help you identify areas of improvement and even show you how a few small tweaks in your currently available content can make a massive difference in your sales!

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The 8-Minute Writing Habit: Create a Consistent Writing Habit That Works With Your Busy Lifestyle (Growth Hacking For Storytellers)

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Ready to establish a consistent writing habit, once and for all?

Monica Leonelle digs into the best literature on forming habits and shares the top strategies professional authors are using to make sure they write each and every day.

Each tip is easy to implement and will get you writing more in the “in-betweens”—the inactive moments of your life where you are commuting, waiting in line, or otherwise physically stuck with your brain unoccupied!

If you’ve struggled to find time to write due to a day job, family, or an active, busy lifestyle, this book will help you clear your blocks around writing for good and get you writing more often, just a few words at a time.

For writers who still haven’t found their rhythm and don’t have time for long experiments, tracking spreadsheets, or full pomodoros—establish a writing habit that actually fits into your life!


BONUS: This book includes the full 8×8 Challenge: 8 days to implement the very best shortcuts to writing more, 8 minutes at a time! Get access to the live version and do the challenge with Monica herself.

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Dictate Your Book: How To Write Your Book Faster, Better, and Smarter (Growth Hacking For Storytellers)

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Ready to get on board with dictation (finally)?

Like many tools that have come before it, dictation is a new and exciting opportunity to write better, faster, and smarter. But many writers still believe it’s not for them. Perhaps they’ve tried it in the past and it hasn’t worked. Or perhaps this new technology is confusing, expensive, or frustrating and that’s held them back from taking advantage of it.

If you’re ready to take the next step and learn a new skill set that will give you a huge advantage over what other authors are doing today, grab Dictate Your Book and start working through the challenges that are holding you back from reaping the benefits of dictation.

It includes:

– Why you need to get started with dictation, even if you tried it before and hated it!
– All of Monica’s best tips for making dictation work for you, whether you writing fiction or non-fiction
– Every piece of equipment Monica recommends, plus half a dozen ways to test dictation before you buy
– Monica’s full setup for her innovative Walk ’n Talks which helped her hit 4,000+ words per hour

For authors who are ready to take their productivity to the next level, this short guide will help you get started!

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The Writing Productivity Bundle: Write Better, Faster, The 8-Minute Writing Habit, and Dictate Your Book (Growth Hacking For Storytellers)

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Buy The Writing Productivity Bundle and Save Big

The Writing Productivity Bundle contains three books: Write Better, Faster, The 8-Minute Writing Habit, and Dictate Your Book.

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