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Offer: All 13 books in The Productive Novelist series in ebook/digital format (delivered via Bookfunnel).

Story: This series is a re-release of my 2015 Growth Hacking For Storytellers series + the addition of 6 new, exciting books to the series. I’ve also added content to each of the previously released books to reflect the 2020-2021 marketplace.

Delivery: All ebooks will be delivered via Bookfunnel. The official release dates when you will receive each book are listed below. You will also receive Novel Writing Prep plus the 7-book Growth Hacking For Storytellers series within 24 hours of purchase if you’d like to get started before the official release dates.

Terms: All sales are final. If one of the books is not or cannot be delivered on time, you will receive a refund of $3.62 ($47/13) per book not delivered.

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Bundle Savings: I’m not able to list a 13-book bundle on Amazon and several sites at a reasonable price point, so I have to sell direct from my site. The bundle is regularly priced at $87, a ~20% discount. For Black Friday, I’m discounting that even more to $47 for a ~57% discount—over half-off! This is not something I can currently offer through other retailers due to technology restrictions and pricing rules.

Free Updates: I’m happy to have you grab the books on retailers if you prefer; however, if you purchase directly from me, I can send you updated ebook copies when I do the next round of changes in a few years.

Upgrade and Cross-Sell Deals: If you buy directly from me, I send you special (and usually secret/not publicly shared) deals on my courses and other books. If you already know you want to go deeper with my work, you’ll get the very best deals through my direct sales customer email list. I also offer upgrades to previous customers (for example, an audiobook add-on to people who’ve bought the ebooks).

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Benefits of Buying The Productive Novelist Series:

Full Solution: The Productive Novelist series has answers for every stage of the author journey. Many of the readers of the previous iteration of this series have gone on to become successful full- or part-time independent authors. Still others have drastically improved at a specific skill, such as writing faster, and gone on to use that skill in their work.

Real Experience: If you’ve followed my author career for the last decade, this series is the culmination of what I know and how I think. My experience includes:

  • 11 years of self-publishing
  • Publishing across 4 different genres/niches
  • Publishing both wide and in Kindle Unlimited for years at a time
  • Dozens of courses/masterminds on marketing, publishing, and online business, and
  • An MBA (a master’s degree) in marketing, strategy, and entrepreneurship

No-BS Advice: The most successful authors are the ones who are willing to learn from others. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have some answers that you can then mix with your own knowledge to create a stronger plan-of-action for your business. My content has been tested by myself, my students, my inner circle, and thousands of readers already (60,000+ copies of the original series sold, and counting), and as a result it is at a higher quality than much of what is currently out there.

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The Books:

#1 – Novel Writing Prep – Immediate Download

Novel Writing Prep is my outlining book—specifically, 30 days of outlining your novel. I work hard to ask the right questions for each day, so that your book is in alignment and highly marketable when you begin to write it. The 30 days are based on the Story Symmetry Framework, which I first introduced in Nail Your Story (under the name Smarter Storytelling Framework).

What’s New: I have updated Novel Writing Prep from its 2018 edition to fix typos and mistakes. I have also included a new personal story in the second chapter to explain why I wrote and love the book.

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#2 – The 8-Minute Writing Habit – December 1, 2020

The 8-Minute Writing Habit helps you write consistently. I give you all the top strategies that professional authors use to establish a regular writing habit and share how they write for hours a day without hitting burnout.

What’s New: I’ve added a new chapter to share my story around writing habits and how I’ve evolved over the years, two new author blocks to the mindset section, and two new habit-forming strategies. I’ve also updated the 8×8 Challenge and a few other sections so that they translate better to audiobook.

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#3 – Write Better, Faster – December 15, 2020

Write Better, Faster helps you increase your writing speed by 2-4x. It’s ideal for optimizers who want to do more with less time. I share everything I learned about writing 50,000 words in a month for multiple months in a row, plus how I systematically went from ~900 words per hour all the way to 3500+ words per hour.

What’s New: I’ve updated my story to include where I’m at today. I’ve streamlined the Writing Faster Framework to include feedback from dozens of authors who have shared their process with me. This framework is now broader and works for more people. I’ve rearranged the sections to match the Writing Faster Framework topics. And although many people loved this feature of the book, I’ve also removed the long diary-entry appendix as it is from 2013 and has too many outdated references to tools and my ever-evolving process.

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#4 – Dictate Your Book – December 29, 2020

Dictate Your Book teaches you how to get started with dictation. I share why I started dictating, how I moved through my own mindset blocks around it, and give you the tools and recommendations you need to hit the ground running quickly.

What’s New: I’ve added my story around dictation over the past five years and included a chapter to help authors break through the blocks they might have against dictation. I’ve updated the tools and software sections to reflect the current market for dictation software. I’ve bulked up many of the sections to answer additional questions and take the book from “beginner” to “intermediate” level as the author community better understands the power of dictation compared to five years ago.

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#5 – Story Symmetry – January 12, 2021

Story Symmetry (formerly Nail Your Story) is a simple, easy-to-understand framework to help you understand the ins and outs of story structure. I wrote it after reading around 60 books on story structure and feeling frustrated that many were overly complicated, used outdated examples, and were far more theoretical than practical. This is THE book that connects the dots between ideas and concepts that are otherwise scattered across dozens of story craft books. Once you read this book, you can read any other story craft book and easily see how it fits in to your structure.

What’s New: I’ve added and updated many of the story examples in the book to better reflect current storytelling and trends. I’ve expanded the sections on Thematic Elements and Worldbuilding at the request of many readers. I’ve updated the graphics and removed the link to the worksheets (I’ll be expanding to a full workbook for this book in 2021). I’ve added in a section on how to write beats for your story.

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#6 – Editing For Marketability – January 26, 2021

Editing For Marketability helps you systematically make your book more marketable. The six-step process is ideal for authors who are rewriting their first book in series, putting out a first or new novel, or trying to write-to-market more efficiently. I share my unique Marketability and Virality Analyses that I’ve tested on multiple personal books and books by other authors, specifically in the 6 layers of marketability. I also share my easy method for trope twisting (and when and why to use it), my extensive list of Story Uplevels (psychological triggers) across five categories, and exactly how to predict future trends in publishing.

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#7 – Should I Publish Traditionally or Independently? – February 9, 2021

Should I Publish Traditionally or Independently? helps you answer the titular question as a novelist across a variety of projects, including ebooks and subsidiary rights (like audiobooks and foreign translations). We start with talking about traditional vs. independent publishing for a fiction project overall, then we get into deals you can make as a hybrid author with print, audio, foreign rights, and more. We also talk about how to go it alone on your projects and find the success you want while maintaining control.

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#8 – Plan Your Book Launch – February 23, 2021

Plan Your Book Launch gives you the full playbook for launching a book. We start with all the major decisions you need to make before launching a book. Using the 5B Framework, I walk you through your launch tactics step by step so you don’t miss any opportunities. We string it all together into a cohesive plan with exactly what to do on each day of your launch week. Finally, I break down how launches look on various ebook retailers so you can launch well wide.

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#9 – Get Your Book Selling – March 9, 2021

Get Your Book Selling helps you identify your ideal marketing strategies and find aligned tactics that match. I cover 15+ marketing strategies that you can use and share when one is more ideal than another for your situation. I also share the 10 Stages of Audience which many authors have said makes marketing their books seem easy and doable. And finally, I share my organizational strategies for getting marketing done.

What’s New: I’ve used more examples, story, and explanation to greatly bulk up most of the sections in this book, specifically the section on marketing strategies. I’ve improved the 10 Stages of Audience section with more explanation and examples. I’ve added a section on marketing organization using calendars. I’ve taken the information from the section on Frequently Asked Questions and answered those more organically throughout the text where appropriate, including turning some of them into chapters. I’ve also cleaned up a number of typos and errors for a clean read.

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#10 – Recruit Your Readers – March 30, 2021

Recruit Your Readers is about how to do email marketing well. We start at the beginning, classifying different types of people on your list (hint: they are all at different stages of the 10 Stages of Audience). I share how to use clockwork, campaign, and broadcast emails. I also share how to get more of the different types of readers into your email list (this goes far, far beyond the typical advice of having a reader magnet or front and back matter or doing viral giveaways). There are few books for authors on email marketing and none teach it to the depth of what I share in this book.

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#11 – Create + Prosper – April 13, 2021

Create + Prosper (formerly Prosperous Creation) is the answer to some of the biggest strategic business problems plaguing your author business. From trying to understand why you can’t get your business off the ground, to figuring out why revenue streams have dried up, to understanding how to get promotions working for you, and more, Leonelle’s Hierarchy of Prosperous Creation is a must-know. I’ve heard that this book was business-shifting from beginning authors with zero books published all the way up to 6-figure authors who had been in business for years.

What’s New: I’ve updated the graphics and changed out some of the examples and stories.

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#12 – Novelist MBA – April 27, 2021

Novelist MBA helps you approach your author business as if you have a master’s degree in business. Learn about business strategy and product funnels from an actual MBA (me). I’ll tell you the three things that guarantee you have a business for a long time (and the five that can sweep your business out from under you without you realizing—this happened to me!) I’ll also explain the power of product funnels to you in great detail and how you can use them to diagnose the health of your author business and make better business decisions. Finally, I’ll show you where the book industry is going and how to get ahead of the curve (so it doesn’t blindside you), and even how to predict where things will go next.

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#13 – Author Mindset Deep Dive – May 11, 2021

Author Mindset Deep Dive (formerly Accelerated Author) is a system for improving your mindset and leveling up your life. Most authors think they don’t need mindset work, but once they read this book they understand the power of it in bringing them more of what they want, faster. This book breaks down mindset work in a practical way, and without getting spiritual or woo-woo. (Though I’ve studied mindset in depth from that angle too!) Move toward your goals much faster by cleaning up your thoughts and beliefs.

What’s New: At the request of readers, I’ve bulked up each of the six steps with lots of relevant examples. I’ve also added more journaling questions and visualization tools to better facilitate real and rapid change in your energy. Finally, I’ve tweaked the process to reflect years of additional work and training I’ve completed that helps me change and shift my mindset every day.

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This deal may make financial sense for you, or it may not, depending on which remaining books you want. Each book can be pre-ordered separately from my shop ( or you may be interested in a few of the 3-pack bundles I’m putting together in the future based on these topics: writing craft, writing faster, marketing, and business.

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