Monica Leonelle

Monica Leonelle is a USA Today bestseller and the founder of The World Needs Your Book.

Why You Can’t Take Reviews Personally (#28)

When I worked in payments, we found that there’s no real way to convince a client to switch to your gateway for their credit card payments. It was a lot of work to get on a new gateway, and for the most part, as long as a company could accept payments, they didn’t think much […]

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Does Your Content Need To Be EPIC? (#22)

Yes, some of it does. But know the difference between: 1. Epic Content (with a capital ‘E’) that is meant to attract an audience 2. regular content that is meant to build a relationship with that audience Most of your content doesn’t need to be epic in any way. Most of your content should be […]

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The Realities of Writing Better, Faster (#20)

I recently did an interview over at Stephen Campbell’s AuthorBiz podcast (fantastic, must-add for all indie authors!). The most interesting segment of our conversation was about the realities of writing faster—what it actually looked like on a day-to-day basis. You can listen to the interview here: If you read Write Better, Faster, you know […]

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