Monica Leonelle

Monica Leonelle is a USA Today bestseller and the founder of The World Needs Your Book.

How To Turn a Novel Idea Into a Fleshed Out Concept

Larry Brooks, author of Story Engineering, describes a concept as something that launches a series or franchise. For example, what’s a show about a group of friends in their 20s-30s living in New York City (the idea)? If you said Friends, you’re right. But if you said How I Met Your Mother, you’re also right. […]

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Should You Set Up an Amazon Pre-Order or Not?

Some authors prefer not to set up pre-orders on Amazon because it can hurt their sales rank during launch week. The pre-orders are spread out according to the time of purchase and don’t accumulate to give a big burst in sales rank. This can hurt visibility within Amazon’s stores and limit how high your book […]

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New Pen Name! Solo Storm

I’ve moved all of my fiction that was under Monica Leonelle to a new pen name called Solo Storm. Now I have two fiction pen names. Solo Storm writes primarily fantasy and science fiction. She also writes mostly clean, which to me means very little cursing and fade-to-black at the kissy kissy parts. My other […]

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We’re Out of Kindle Unlimited (By Choice)

You may have heard that numerous authors are having their accounts shut down, or their books pulled, or their royalties stripped, based on suspicious “gaming the system” activity on their Amazon account. Now don’t get me wrong. Some of these authors did game the system and Amazon is trying to crack down on this misbehavior. But […]

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Marketability Editing Services

As I study writing to market in more depth, I’m developing and building out the system that I’ve only started describing in this ebook. I’m lucky because I enjoy and write in many genres. I’m my own best guinea pig! I still want to work with other authors who write across multiple genres so I […]

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